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Selling to Zebras (STZ)

Why is Selling to Zebras (STZ) Right for you?


  • Identifies  “Gaps” in your company's existing sales process
  • Helps your company understand and identify your “Perfect” prospect.
  • Establishes comprehensive go to market strategy for customer acquisition, expansion & retention.
  • Utilizes a unique “Revenue Enhancement Software Platform” to ensure sales team compliance.
  • Increases average deal size, shorten sales cycles and increase close rates.
  • Enhances your client strategies for revenue stabilization, growth and succession planning.

Featured Customer Testimonial


The ZEBRA selling methodology was introduced at Vivisimo in October, 2008. Salespeople quickly learned how to identify their perfect prospect, engage the person with budget-level authority early in the process and sell the product’s business value rather than its features and benefits. This represented a seismic change for a sales team that had traditionally pitched products to mid-level technology managers. But Vivisimo saw fast and dramatic results. Sales increased significantly within three quarters and over the course of thirty months:

  • Average sales price increased more than 400%
  • Installed base revenue increased 55%
  • Year-over-year revenue increased 31%

How does Selling to Zebras work?

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